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Since I travel a lot and most of the flights are quite long (6, 8 , 12hrs!! ) , I like to make sure I take care of my skin while in the plane . Since planes are so dry, full of germs and allergens, I have a whole routine for keeping my skin at bay during long flights.

If you're a frequent flyer, this may be of interest to you :) 

STEP 1 (FACE) : I became a big fan of facial towelettes when liquids became a big no-no in flights . This is the first step in my in-flight cleansing routine . I like to use BIODERMA DERMATOLOGICAL WIPES for which you can find my review here . You can of course use any cleansing wipes you like, these are just my favorites . I use them to remove every trace of makeup and dust from my face (including eyes) that may be lying around the plane and are bound to irritate my skin, eyes and nose throughout the flight.

STEP 2 (FACE) : After my face feels quite clean, I spray a soothing toner (my favorite these days is ALTEYA ROSE WATER) to add a boost of hydration and prepare my skin for a hydrating and soothing mask (get the soothing theme going on here ?)  ;) .

STEP 3 (FACE) : My favorite is DR. HAUSCHKA'S SOOTHING MASK. This product is PHENOMENAL for sensitive skin . On days when my skin is red and blotchy and just really non-cooperative, this is the only thing that will tame it and calm down the redness. But enough about the mask (before I get too off-track!), you can read me rave about it here :) Once I've applied a thin layer of mask allover (and a nice plus about this mask is you can use it around the sensitive eye area as well, so no need to bring an eye cream!) you're supposed to remove it after 20 minutes . The first time I used this mask in a flight I decided to leave it on for about an hour and noticed that my skin just drank it all up! Twelve hours later, my skin still felt like a baby's bottom . Bottom line (no pun intended, I swear!) , I decided to always leave this mask on during long flights . The air is just so dry, your skin will thank you.

STEP 4 (LIPS) : Once I've applied the mask, I add a lip balm (currently ALTEYA ROSE LIP BALM, which you can read about here) and we're almost done!

STEP 5&6 (EYES) : If you suffer from severe dryness than dry eyes and nose may be another problem for you (it certainly is for me). Because of that I bring REFRESH PLUS ARTIFICIAL TEARS (on the left), which are preservative free and wonderful for dry eyes . These come in single-use plastic containers packaged in a box . I like to use these as opposed to artificial tears that come in a little bottle because I need these on a daily basis and even if the amount of preservative is small in each bottle, it adds up throughout the months and years of daily use . You can read more about these from the Refresh page . After I add the eye drops and before I apply the mask around my eyes, I add another one of my favorite Dr. Hauscha's products: EYE SOLACE (on the right). This is an amazing product for sensitive itchy eyes. It also comes in single-use containers that you are supposed to empty onto a cotton pad and leave on your eyes for about 10 minutes. I leave those on and after 10 minutes I add the mask around the eye area. You can find a full review on Eye Solace here.

STEP 7 (NOSE) : For dry noses, which are specially a problem for those who get nosebleeds from dry air, I use a very similar product to the artificial tears . They are individually wrapped saline solution plastic containers of about 5mls (0.16 fl oz. ) . Unfortunately I have yet to find them in the States. I bring them from Europe from various brands that you can find at any pharmacy but the latest I got is called Gilbert. You don't have to bring these exact ones, any saline solution will help you. This is just much easier than carrying around a big bottle of Saline.  

This may seem overwhelming and of course you don't need all of these exact items with you but I just find that for me it helps tremendously if I follow this little ritual . Plus, if I'm on a plane for 6 or more hours, it's not like there are that many better things to do :-/ So why not pamper yourself?

Hope this is helpful to some of you!

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