Alteya Organics

This is a brand that I've just discovered a couple of months ago and I'm already very impressed with their products! This is a family owned company based in Bulgaria but that have sale offices in the U.S. Most of their ingredients are USDA organic which I think always helps in the sensitivity department. When natural ingredients are not organic you may end up indirectly exposing your skin to chemicals, i.e. pesticides. I only have two products: their replenishing lip balm with bulgarian rose and their rosewater which I've been using on a daily basis over the past 6 weeks.


The lip balm is fairly affordable at $8 and 97.5% certified organic. It is very, very nourishing, lasting for about 4 hours on my lips during the day and all night if I wear it before going to sleep. I tend to have very dry lips, which is why I haven't been able to find a new lip balm in years (and my current favorites have some downs I'll address in another post) but this was a very pleasant surprise. The packaging is very light, so this is perfect for keeping in your purse. Probably a new staple for me!

Organic Rose Oil/Organic Sweet Almond Oil/Organic Macadamia Nut Oil/Organic Wheat Germ Oil/Organic Beeswax/Organic Rosemary extract/Vitamin E

PRICE : $8

The rosewater is awesome. Super simple, right? JUST 100% organic rosewater. I love products that consist of one great ingredient (you'll notice this trend across other posts)! You'd be surprised at how great this is for the skin, it's refreshing and soothing at the same time. After you wash your face, it completely takes away that tightening feeling and substitutes any other toner in my opinion. In the summer evenings, I just wash my face and spray lots of rosewater allover, add a lipbalm and I'm done! No night
treatments needed. Winter is a different story, sadly...bleeping central heating...

INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Rosa Damascena Water

PRICE : $11.95 (3.4 OZ, however this comes in many sizes, some of which are better value for money)
CONS: I wish they would improve on is their shipping/returns policy. You get free shipping on orders over $75 however, they don't accept returns!!! which in my opinion discourages $75 first orders!!! I was worried about the products not working out for me and that's why I only ordered two. For an approx $20 order, I paid $6 in shipping!! I think that's quite unreasonable, but I wasn't about to spend $75 dollars on products I'd never tried.

BOTTOM LINE: Alteya Organics is (so far) super Sensitastic approved!  



  1. I am going to try the BULGARIAN ROSE LIP BALM. I'll let you know what results I get. Thanks!

  2. I hope you like it! It's been several weeks since I wrote this post and the more I use this lip balm, the more I fall in love ☺