Clinique All About Eyes Serum, De-Puffing Eye Massage

I just realized I haven't talked about many eye products yet and that I should remedy that right away! If you already have sensitive skin you must struggle with how extra sensitive the area around the eyes is like I do. Hopefully I have a few suggestions that might help :)

I've personally struggled a lot finding a good eye cream . In fact, it was a bit of an obsession of mine from my early teenage years (and back then only thing that made it's way to my face was a moisturizer). That's because I have all the hereditary eye conditions that every eye cream claims to solve: dark circles, puffiness, redness, you name it, I have it . After many years, I completely gave up . Seriously, about 4 years ago, I just decided eye creams were a waste of my money . I was convinced that I had an epiphany and that the key word that I had been ignoring was HEREDITARY . I became sure that it didn't matter what I used, none of those problems would go away so it was just a waste of money . THEN a horrible NY winter came and the skin around my eyes got so dry and irritated it peeled for months and there was nothing that could help until I tried Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day Cream . This made me reconsider the use of an eye cream . Maybe it wasn't going to change my DNA but it could certainly help maintain the integrity of the sensitive skin around my eyes.

In my journey rediscovering eye products I decided to try CLINIQUE'S ALL ABOUT EYES SERUM - DE-PUFFING EYE MASSAGE . This has caused no reactions on my skin and even though it isn't hydrating like an eye cream, it's the one thing I've ever tried that has helped decrease (though they're still there!) the bags under my eyes . Now, I'm not actually sure that it's the effect of the formula itself, or if it's the massaging rollerball that helps . One of the major causes for bags under your eyes or puffiness in general is bad circulation so I'm tempted to think that the physical massage does more for my eyes than the serum itself . However, I haven't tried decoupling the two to test their effects separately . I suppose I may keep the rollerball after the product is gone, keep using it as a massager and see how that works coupled with other eye products . Alternatively, I may try other roller-ball eye serums and see how those perform. I'd really like to find one of a more natural nature...Let me know if you have any suggestions :) . This is oil-free, feels very light and absorbs quickly which works nicely for applying in the morning before your makeup routine. It is definitely not enough for the colder, drier months during which I layer a more moisturizing eye cream on top such as Dr. Hauschka's Eye Contour Day Balm or their Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream (reviews to come soon!).  However, I find that often in the summer I can get away with just applying this and my skin feels fine . I keep it in the fridge (I adore the extra cooling sensation!) and apply it every morning . I bought it last fall and it has lasted me freakishly long . In fact, I'm starting to wonder if I'll need to replace it when it goes bad instead of when it runs out (which would really ruin my "keeping the rollerball" plan, bollocks... ) . It's been 9 months of continuous use and there's more than half left!! I think specially for how long it lasts it comes at a great price so if you suffer from puffiness, you might want to consider adding this to your skincare routine.

Have you tried this eye serum? What were your thoughts about it?  

INGREDIENTS: This is a real disappointment, but I don't have the cardboard box with the ingredients list and can't find it on Clinique's website. I apologize and will try to find it in stores and maybe photograph the list so I can put it here for you guys. 

PRICE: $28 (0.5 fl z. or 15ml)

CONS: Not hydrating enough for drier skin types especially during the winter months. Not 100% natural or organic. 

BOTTOM LINE:  This is Sensitastic approved. Though it isn't an year-round does-it-all eye cream, it is definitely decent, fairly priced, helps boost circulation around the eyes improving puffiness and gives minimum hydration during warmer and humid months.  


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