Apology and New posts coming up!

Hello Everyone,

If anyone is still reading this blog, I want to really apologize to you (and everyone else who's ever stopped by) for my not having written in so long. I know this is the second time I say this, but I'm going through a lot of important life changes at the moment which will make my blogging a bit less frequent. I thought I could keep this up amidst all the crazyness happening around me in the past couple of months, but I really can't. That said, I'll make the strongest effort to keep writing as often as I possibly can. Tomorrow I'll be posting a long overdue review of my new favorite lipstick (which I shamefully bought 2 months ago and hadn't reviewed yet >.< ). Also, following that, I will be doing a long piece I've been working on which was requested by a lovely reader. It will be about skin care for the cold and dry winter months coming ahead for some of us.


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