Sandy Hiatus

Hello everyone, just wanted to post a quick update. Just when I thought that my life might start going back to normal, a hurricane (literally!!) came and messed it up :( 

Just wanted to say that I'll be writing again as soon as I get my life back together :-/

Be safe everyone!


  1. Really sorry to hear that ! I read about how horrible the hurricane was and how bad the impact is.

    Hope everything will get back to normal soon. My prayers are with you and everyone impacted.

    Take care.

    1. Thank you, that is so sweet! I really appreciate your support ☺Things are slowly getting back to normal but I do feel that despite the preparations, this caught everyone off-guard. I don't think anyone would've predicted all the damage and casualties. It is very sad, but thankfully, we'll all be back up on our feet soon! Again, I really appreciate your kind words.