My favorite eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes - Almond Oil

I've tried many different eye makeup removers because my eyes are very sensitive so I need something very effective that doesn't require ANY rubbing when I remove my eye makeup. One of the products I tried was Weleda's Almond Soothing Facial Oil. It worked better than anything. It is SO gentle on my eyes. I add some to a cotton pad and apply it to my eyes. I lightly massage my eyes (no rubbing though!) just to work the oil into the makeup and it breaks down any makeup I've ever used almost  immediately. It does feel greasy so after the makeup is gone, I press on my skin with a tissue paper to help absorb the excess oil. Since my eye area is very sensitive and dry, I also feel that the almond oil helps to keep it moisturized. Ultimately, it all works perfectly in the end. Makeup's gone and my skin feels soft and supple.

Now, there's no specific brand that I recommend. Weleda was the first one I tried but I find it quite expensive and there is a whole host of brands to choose from out there. I picked this one up at my local groceries store and the brand name is Spectrum. It works great. Make sure you buy 100% almond oil though. I've seen some things out there with added artificial fragrances and other nasties. Also, I've tried Jojoba oil and although it also works, for some reason, I like Almond oil better. In my opinion it's better at removing makeup while Jojoba oil is better and moisturizing my skin (which is what I use it for). I think it has to do with the Jojoba oil being more easily absorbed by my skin? The almond oil feels a bit thicker and more viscous so I feel that with a lot less quantity, I gets all my makeup out. While Jojoba feels runnier and faster absorbing so I need to add a lot more to work it into the makeup. My apologies if I'm not explaining this well. It's a subtle difference though and Jojoba oil is also very gentle on my eyes. It's more of a personal preference of texture I think.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Almond Oil

PRICE: Approximately $6 (for 8 fl. oz.) is generally what i find it for. My 8oz. bottle has lasted me a little over a year using it just for the eyes.  

CONS: It is an oil and since I have dry skin, I can't vouch for what this would do to oily skin. That said, I think even if you have oily skin, using this on your eyes wouldn't be harmful because that skin tends to be a bit drier in general. 

BOTTOM LINE: Almond oil has been my go to eye makeup remover for years and no expensive eye makeup removers have compared to it. Totally Sensitastic approved!

WHERE TO BUY: Groceries stores, pharmacies, natural food stores.

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