UPDATE on Tarte Holiday Collection

Hello everyone! Now that I've had a week to test out the Tarte product I just wanted to make a few updates. I still adore both sets! Nothing changed on that department :)

Fantastic Foursome: The blushes wore on me for a solid 8 hours. They definitely didn't last a full 12 hours, but to be honest, since I'm very fair, I couldn't really pile them on, because THEY ARE PIGMENTED. They all blended beautifully on my face, and somehow just seemed to melt into my skin giving me such a natural look, I was shocked. Especially the highlighter made me have a whole new impression of highlighters. I typically find highlighters too unnatural looking and this one gave me that perfect ethereal glow, it was amazing! The only bad thing I have to say about these is regarding Stellar. I'm not a fan of glitter on my blushes and I found the sparkles on Stellar much too noticeable. So if you don't like sparkles, the set is still totally worth it for the other colors, but you might wanna start thinking of who you would like to gift Stellar to because that baby is full of sparkles! For all the close-up photos and swatches, look here.

LipSurgence Set: At the end of my first impressions post (where you can find all the photos and swatches) I said I wasn't sure if I would get a second set, now I'm pretty sure I will! The colors really are fantastic and like I've said before even though they are all different versions of pink, the are all sooo wearable and so beautiful, I'll be wearing these everyday! Unfortunately, they don't last very long in my opinion. From the tints and Lusters I only get about 2 hours of wear, but what's nice is the stain that stays behind for another 3 hours after that, so this is a huge plus! They are really easy to carry around and reapply so I don't mind that they don't last super long. The matte color (exposed) however, has a good 3 hours of wear before it fades into a stain, so that's nice. And I also noticed that compared to ANY other matte lipstick formula I'm ever tried, these do feel moisturizing and comfortable on my lips, which was a very pleasant surprise! The matte doesn't feel AS comfortable as the others which are super moisturizing, but I don't feel like reaching for lipbalm anytime while I'm wearing it.

Well, here's my little update. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know about them, and I'll be happy to add it on here. Overall, after giving all of these a try I can say, NOTHING has given me an allergic reaction, they are all Sensitastic approved and are both fantastic deals. Get them while you can!!

Happy Saturday!


  1. The swatches of the blushes are super...left you a comment on that post. I love LipSurgence, but haven't bought the Set. Thanks for the reviews and photos!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you like the swatches ☺. I really love these two sets, and it's such a treat to get these holiday sets so early in the year!