UPDATE! Do you know how much histamine you're eating?

Hello all! I thought I'd do a quick update on this matter especially since it's been one full week that I've been on a histamine restricted diet (you can find the whole diet here). I'm not gonna lie, it's HARD! There are so many things on that list that were part of my daily diet, plus you can't eat leftovers, everything has to be fresh, which is very high maintenance during the week. I had to forsake CHEESE! And I can't describe to you how important cheese is for me. However, I keep telling myself that if this works, it will ALL have been worth it. Although if I decide to stick to this diet, I might have to make exceptions on special occasions for cheese…

So, first I'd like to say that before I started this diet I was having some major irritation on my face (out of the blue as always) and I'm glad to say that 2-3 days after starting this diet the inflammation has cleared all by itself without the use of any cortisone cream. Also I do feel I've been reaching for my cortisone cream less than usual (only once in 1 week), so it does seem like something is happening. Keep in mind I take anti-histamines on a daily basis. I still take them, even during this diet. My histamine levels are through the roof so my problem is that either I'd have to take 2-3 different anti-histamines a day (trust me, that happens!) or what I usually do is resort to lots of topical anti-histamines in various forms: eye drops, nose sprays, skin creams, etc. So my plan with this diet is to be able to at least reduce my anti-histamine intake to just one pill a day. We produce histamines ourselves, so I have no hopes that this diet will solve all my problems because I know my histamine problem isn't just sourced in my food, but mainly in my body. However, if I can reduce the levels enough that my allergies stay under control with one anti-histamine, that may not be the war, but it's one battle won.

All of that said, even though this all sounds very good for one week, my allergies do oscillate and historically, some weeks are better than other so I'm continuing this for at least 2 more weeks to get a better feel for the long term effect. I'll keep updating the post once a week and hopefully have a conclusion in two weeks.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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