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So I get frustrated when I find a lovely blog and no information on the blogger. I'm not talking about a specific address or even their name, that would be creeepy! But you can still tell a lot about yourself and remain anonymous. Why do I care? Well, for example, if you're going to take the person's recommendation on a product, you might want to know if they're a teenager, or perhaps have mature skin. Also, if they're half way across the world and you're veeery unlike to find any of the product they're recommending. I believe that's the sort of information that might help you make a more educated decision on whether a product they're recommending (or not!) is right for you.

So here it is:
I'm a 26 year old, NYC based but globe-trotter female Ph.D. student . What do these things mean?
-Well for starters, I have a limited budget (especially for NYC!), so i do put a lot of effort into picking the right products not to waste any money.
-I'm blessed to live in a city that gives me access to a looot of products that might not be easily available everywhere (and I apologize in advance if I mention something you can't find!).
-I've tried products from every country I've ever visited so some of my recommendations might seem obscure. I'll try to always remember to tell you where the brand is from and where I got the product myself. 

Most importantly, I have veeeery reactive, combo to dry sensitive skin which means you're unlikely to find a lot of drugstore brands here. Nothing against them, I've tried them loads of time, but ultimately gave up. Please keep in mind, I do have pathologically sensitive skin (think about an immune system on crack!) so if something hasn't worked for me, it doesn't mean it's a bad product, just not safe for me. Think of it as just not Sensitastic approved :) So if you don't have sensitive skin, you might still wanna try it! For me though, drugstore products often mean I end up wasting money, giving products away and with a red/itchy/peeling skin and since I have really fair skin (think about that nice piece of paper on your printer!) all that redness stands out like a business suit at the beach! NOT CUTE! Of course there are exceptions to the rule! Like I said, you just won't see a lot of those.

If there are any other questions you would like to ask about me, please go ahead and e-mail me at sensitastic@gmail.com !

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