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After a whole life dealing with problematic, pathologically sensitive skin combined with many years of experimenting with every skincare, makeup and homemade concoction, I decided to share with the rest of the world the results of my extensive and still current research. Being a scientist with a passion for all things artistic this blog is dedicated to helping those who want to feel beautiful and fantastic even with the most sensitive of skins. Thank you for stopping by and I hope this blog can help you in some small way. Ladies and Gentleman, I bring you, Sensitastic! :)

So first things first: if you have sensitive skin, avoid chemicals. Now I don’t mean that everything natural is going to be safe either OR that you should run away from everything with a slightly more complicated name. I’m just saying, avoid them.
Don’t trust a brand just because they claim to be natural, organic or “green” as a lot of them use these terms muuuuch too easily and unmeritedly. A lot of brands include one of those keywords in their name making you think it’s necessarily true when really, they can name their product anything they want. It could be called “Gold Extract” and they could never be sued for false advertisement if gold was nowhere in their ingredients. The same goes for many brands going organic-happy and adding it to their label name.
Get in the habit of reading ingredient lists. And while you’re at it, the shorter the list, the better! I know, sounds “suuuuper scientific” but ultimately, it’s true, most of the time, the longer the list, the more fillers it has and really, why do you need those in your life?
Like I said before though, not every chemical is bad for everyone, it’s more a matter of minimizing, and of course the whole point here is also to share what products my super reactive skin has tolerated and that might work for you as well. And if you’re wondering, yes, I’ve put my skin through A LOT! And I’m here now, so that hopefully, you won’t have to! Please keep in mind though, that things that work for me won’t always work for you. I have tried countless product out there that claim to be hypoallergenic and have reacted with my skin, so nothing’s guaranteed. Always exercise caution! If you’re super reactive like me, always try a new product in small patches of sensitive skin areas like behind your ear or on the inner part of your wrist. That will help you assess if something will give you an allergic reaction before you slather it allover your face! And please, pleeeease never try a new product before and important event, aka, meeting, traveling (no better way to spend 10 hours on a plane while being red and itchy, right?), weddings!!! You get the point! Consider doing it on one of those nights when you’re home alone in your pijamas with no makeup on, probably eating something you’ve told all your friends you’ve cut from your diet, basically, a time you’re not expecting much human interaction.

Well, now that we’re done with this not so short introduction, let’s get started!! I’m so excited!! Last but not least: Thank you very much for taking your time to stop by my blog! Any and every input is always welcome and any questions will be addressed ASAP! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Interesting to know about it as there are a lot of product stating to be organic and there are no paraffin, petrochemical and etc. But when you read the ingredient listing, there are paraffin or some other funny stuff.
    Thanks for sharing.