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I'm a 1986 model (this is a car reference, not a statement about my looks, trust me) and have since spent about a third of my life in Europe, South and North America. One of my greatest passions is traveling, another is beauty, so I make it a point to combine them and discover new beauty everywhere I visit. This includes art, nature and beauty products (the order is irrelevant).

Now to the topic possibly most relevant to this blog...

I have VERY reactive, combo to dry sensitive and eczematic skin. In general I suffer from a slew of allergies. Those currently known are:

Polen (of all sorts)

Most lead to eczema except (as far as I know now) polen and mold.

After a whole life dealing with problematic, pathologically sensitive skin combined with many years of experimenting with every skincare, makeup and homemade concoction under the sun (yes, I’ve put my skin through A LOT!), I decided to share with the rest of the world the results of my extensive and still ongoing research.

My aim here is to catalog and share experiences with products that have worked for me (or not!), so that hopefully you have less testing ahead of you. Bear in mind that you might have allergies I do not and therefore you should always exercise extreme caution when trying any new products for the first time. Always do patch tests in the inner part of your wrist or on your neck below your ear and wait 24-48 hours before you slather it allover your face. Also, I will always try to post the products ingredients list so you can already check for known allergies you might have.

This blog is dedicated to helping those who want to feel beautiful even with the most sensitive of skins. Thank you for stopping by and I hope this blog can help you in some way.

If you have any questions, please go ahead and e-mail me at sensitastic@gmail.com !

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